About us

Our Story: Quality Handcrafted Cowboy Boot Maker

We make a great pair of boots at an honest and fair price. You're going to ask yourself how did we manage to put this much quality without breaking your wallet.

Shebeuty was founded in 2018 to provide our customers with quality, Handcrafted cowboy boots at Affordable prices. we understand how much people love their cowboy boots, but we also knew there had to be a way to provide more value to our customers. Thus, Shebeuty was born. A vertically integrated brand that would skip the middleman and provide premium quality cowboy boots directly to the consumer. Soon after we began our catalog/mail order business and eventually opening Shebeuty.com.

Each pair of Shebeuty's boots is handmade by the best artisans, using only premium leathers and materials to ensure the comfort and durability of the boots

We started the Shebeuty so we can pass the saving to our customers. By designing the boots ourselves, it allowed us to sell directly to our customers. Eliminating the retail markups allows us to sell high-quality cowboy boots at affordable prices. Many of our boots are priced under $100. With traditional retail pricing, our boots would sell for well between $200-$500.

Customer Service:
We believe that boots are beautiful because of the people who wear them, so it is our customers who truly breathe life and existence into our products. The customer has been on our mind since the inception of each of our products.
Whether you are happy or unhappy with your purchases, we want to hear your thoughts.