Payment Policy

Pay by credit / debit card

The credit cards you can use are listed above. The credit card companies listed above are the most commonly used credit cards on this website.

You can be sure: we will not collect your credit / debit card number or your personal data when you make a payment.

When you place an order through PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page. You can confirm the payment by logging in with your PayPal username and password.

Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can still check out. To do this, click on "Pay with Debit / Credit Card" and you will be redirected to a secure page where you can enter your credit card information or complete the payment securely via PayPal.

"Voucher code" and "Reward points"
You can add vouchers and bonus points to your order at checkout. After entering the voucher code and Shebeuty points, click "Apply". The discount automatically adjusts your order amount. Please note that if you do not click "Apply" before checking out, your order total will not reflect the vouchers and bonus point discounts.